Our Day Care Service in Winsley gives patients a chance to meet once a week to share experiences in a safe and friendly environment. The sessions help our patients lead as full and independent a life as possible.

The team is made up of healthcare professionals, therapists, a creative arts team, and volunteers. The team is on hand to monitor people’s symptoms, address concerns, help patients cope with the circumstances they find themselves in, and put plans in place for the future. Patients also have the chance to see other members of the multidisciplinary team responsible for their care.

Everyone meets in a comfortable lounge connected to an arts and crafts room and a large conservatory with beautiful views across the Limpley Stoke valley. Our Creative Arts Team runs a variety of craft activities, providing a focus for the day. We always listen to the thoughts and ideas of patients, and together we devise activities to suit individuals and the group.

These sessions are essential and can often be the most important day of the week for our patients. The team help our patients achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.