Benj’s Story

At 33 no one expects to be diagnosed with cancer, let alone a stage 4 cancer that will ultimately limit their life. Benj Millard took a heroic battle to cancer and fought hard to beat the disease.

Dreaming of being a super hero is something many children do and Benj Millard was no different. Teetering on the edge of a first floor window, exclaiming to his mum Jo that he could fly, was one of many signs that Benj had a deep belief in his own super powers.

Thankfully he didn’t test his cape on that day but when Bowel Cancer struck Benj at 33 the resolve to channel all his strength was evident to his whole family.

After treatment at the Royal United Hospital in Bath Benj was transferred to the Inpatient Unit at Dorothy House in Winsley where he stayed for 11 days.

Surrounded by his family, visited by friends daily and making the very most of the short time he had left, Benj did everything within himself to live his final days to their fullest potential.

After 11 days, Benj had given everything he could. Surrounded by his family and with his mum holding his hand Benj died peacefully and without pain.

‘It was something he aspired to, he was certainly our hero’

– Jo Millard

Benj Millard was 33 when he died. His funeral was a big celebration, an incredible occasion, focusing on the life he led, his friends, family, his wife and the great times they all had together.

Benj was a hero, his family drew on the care of Dorothy House and benefitted from a level of care that meant they could be a family again at the most important time.

Camping out in the family room, walking the grounds and receiving help and support as a family, meant the Millard’s were closer than ever when Benj’s time came.

The care that Benj received would simply not be possible without the support of donations from people like you. Every penny or pound, every donation given to a shop, or challenge undertaken helps patients like Benj and his family.

The Bowel Movement Charity

The Bowel Movement was launched to make sure that those who wanted to help Benj and spread the word about the risks of Bowel Cancer had a voice that was heard. Now working to raise awareness of Bowel Cancer in young men The Bowel Movement was originally conceived to offer Benj the potentially life-prolonging drug Avastin, no longer available on the NHS due to it’s high costs.

If you would like to find out more about The Bowel Movement then you can find their Facebook page here.